VDay 2013: One Billion Rising

Note: The videos in this post contain graphic content depicting violence against women (in order to raise awareness and demand it stop). While the message contained is important, please proceed with caution, especially if you are around young children.

Today, people all around the world are “rising up” to demand an end to violence against women. As people who follow a God who aches for the pain of the world, we too are called to “rise up,” in large and small ways to oppose anyone who would inflict violence or oppression on any of God’s creation. Below is a short film that was created bringing light to the horrors of violence and responding in a protest of strength through dance.

Please beware that the images in this video are disturbing.

This next video was created in Atlanta as a PSA for the day’s events:

Among the videos for the day, I was particularly moved by this “Man Prayer”:

More information, including places where you may join in the dancing are at: http://onebillionrising.org/