A Letter to FPC Maumee

This week in the office finds me tidying up loose ends: finishing this year’s Seedling you will receive this Sunday in worship, putting final touches on our wedding brochure with our (relatively) new wedding policy, and getting publications in place for the Capital Campaign. Each of these projects shares one common goal: making way for the future of FPC Maumee.

Back in 2008 when we were just beginning to discuss the possibility of a renovation for our building I remember overhearing one of our elder members in discussion with one of our youth. While the elder member was asked what changes could and should be made with the generous bequest our church received, the elder member differed to the youth, saying, “ask them, they’re the ones the church is being built for.” Each of us, in our own participation in the life of the church plays a role in what this church will become. We are building a future for the community of Northwest Ohio through the renovations we have made to our building and to our perspectives of how it may be used to further God’s Kingdom. We don’t renovate for the sake of those who are already well established in the church, we renovate for the future of the Kingdom.

This generous attitude of our members built me up as well. These past twenty years, you have made room for me to grow in faith

and allowed me to see the role that God has for me as a minister in the Church. This church has formed me into the Christian I have become and minister I will be in the future. I am grateful for the many ways you have renovated my life: providing Biblical instruction through Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and Youth Group; lending a listening ear and open heart as I preached and we worshiped together; and giving encouragement all along the way.

As I step out in faith to serve the greater Church in a new capacity, I do so with a solid foundation built by this congregation, my family, and Union Presbyterian Seminary. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to serve alongside you and I look forward to the future God has for all of us.

Written for FPC Maumee’s FYI Newsletter, May 1, 2012

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