Today I had my last Sunday as Pastoral Intern at First Presbyterian Church of Maumee. It was a bittersweet day, as I will miss serving and worshipping alongside my home congregation, but I am excited to see what God has in store in Massachusetts. Within each of the three services, the congregation thanked me for my ministry with them and prayed for my future ministry. In the same part of the service, Pastor Clint acknowledged how God’s call on my life is also a reflection of the ministry they have all done. The congregation of FPC Maumee provided a place for faith to take root in my life and imagine a future of serving the church as a minister. In two of the services, members prayed for me through a laying on of hands.

There’s something about a laying on of hands that stays with you. Last week the elders laid hands and prayed over the confirmands. We commissioned them for service to the greater church and to membership in our particular church. I remember this commissioning as an eighth grade confirmand, the weight of those hands on my head and shoulders. That was the year that God called me into ministry.

Now, eleven years later, feeling those hands (many of them the very same hands) upon my head and shoulders, those two events seem to be some sort of bookends of my preparation for ordained ministry. Even when I’m not in direct contact with them, I know that this congregation is supporting me, sending me out to serve the greater church.