Happy Easter!

Claire and Me on Easter

So blessed by the joys of this Easter day!

This Easter I have been thinking about what Jesus came to do and to be in this world. Jesus came first and foremost to save us from our sins, giving His life sacrificially so that we might be able to enjoy a full relationship with God. Through His life and example, Jesus both taught the word about God’s Kingdom and brought it closer to fulfillment. Fundamental in the realization of this Kingdom is God’s followers uniting together in faith to become the Church. This particular Easter Sunday, the joys of being the Church and a member of a family of faith were very tangible.

As I am actively searching for a position as an ordained minister, I am very aware that this is likely my last Easter to spend at my home church. Being at home for this past year has granted me many opportunities I didn’t anticipate having, another Christmas at my home church, more time spend with my family, church family, and best friend, Claire, another Easter at home. I am so grateful that I have been able to once again be a part of their lives in this way.

These people provided a foundation for my faith to grow and introduced me to what it means to be the Church. This Kingdom that Jesus came to bring about continues to grow in the many ways we have all reached out from our foundations and into the world. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for all of us next.