Moving On

Today I officially announced the end to my employment at my home church, here is what I wrote in our church newsletter:

It has been a delight to serve with you over this past year as I prepare for a permanent call to ordained ministry.

As I have been engaged in this search process, it has become apparent that I need to be more equipped to serve different types of churches. While the majority of my experience working with church has been with churches similar to ours (mid-sized suburban congregations) many of the churches who are looking for a first call pastor are smaller and in more remote areas. So, with this in mind, I will be moving to Massachusetts to assist with a smaller congregation. My last day working at the church will be May 3rd.

I am grateful for the support you have given throughout my time in the life of our church, as a young child growing up in Sunday School, as a member of the youth group, throughout seminary and college, and particularly, over this past year. You have blessed me in countless ways. Thank you.

I am excited for this next step as I continue my search for a more permanent ordained call. I would welcome your prayers!