“What does it mean to be a Presbyterian?” This is a question I’ve heard many times. I’ve seen the denomination misspelled and heard it mispronounced.There’s even a book called “How to Spell Presbyterian.” The Presbyterian Book of Confessions provides 11 different confessions which give historical statements of faith and belief which the PC(USA) affirms. When it comes down to it, what it means to be a Presbyterian depends on the Presbyterian that you are asking. And so, to answer that question, I’m offering up this blog as a reformed and always being reformed living reflection of my experience as a Presbyterian.

My favorite mispronunciation of the denomination was in hearing someone refer to it as “Presbydestrian.” This name stuck with me and seems to be a fitting way of describing the day to day ground-work of being an occupational Presbyterian. As a 2011 graduate from Union Presbyterian Seminary currently serving as Pastoral Intern at First Presbyterian Church of Maumee I am learning more and more what it looks like to live into the call that God has placed on my life to be a minister in the PC(USA). And so, this blog will serve as a platform for thoughts on living life as a “Presbydestrian.”